Here are some quick facts about how we educate.

  • Resource Link provides classrooms, technology, and teacher assistance in completing assignments through a weekly contract.

  • The most successful students at Resource Link often have strong parental support.

  •  Students are required to meet with their teacher a minimum of one hour a week.

  • At the elementary level parents are considered learning coaches who work directly with their child and the teacher.

  • At the middle and high school levels students must be willing to learn independently through traditional textbooks, project based, and online learning.

  • Students have voice and choice in creating their weekly assignment contract. 

  • We are not credit recovery, an exclusively online school, or an easier or quicker path to graduation.

  •  Resource Link Charter School is overseen by a board of individuals from the community and the school district. 

  • Resource Link employs highly qualified teachers who follow rigorous content standards.


Project Based Learning

What does project based learning contain?

  • An essential question
  • A timeline of tasks
  • Keeping an end product in mind
  • Personal importance
  • Involving an expert in the field of study
  • Alignment to content standards
  • Collaborative effort
  • Community involvement
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Thinking outside of the box

Common Core aligned

Resource Link aligns their curriculum and project based learning experiences to common core content standards.