Resource Link Charter School's mission is:

"Providing resources linking students to academic and personal achievement and success"

What we are:

•  A K-8 school and an accredited 9-12 high school

•  An independent charter school

•  A different approach to learning

•  An independent group of students 

•  Forward thinking

•  A place for voice and choice in how students learn

•  Rigorous

Our Vision

Resource Link will be the premiere source for a nontraditional educational experience for K – 12 students.  Our vision is to provide a collaborative system of support through flexible, individualized learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Resource Link strives to provide our community with a broad range of learning resources.  All families approach education and home schooling in their own unique fashion.  Resource Link has a strong history of meeting the needs of traditional students and have been a blessing to many home school families.  


How We Educate


Resource Link has helped hundreds of students succeed in ways previously thought impossible. Personalization is at our core.
— Richard Hinkel, Resource Link Teacher